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Contemporary Artists Books Conference this Saturday

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Join us for the panel that inspired the blog!

11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Experimental Libraries and Reading Rooms
What constitutes an experimental library? What is the impetus to create such a library and what impact do such spaces have on our exchange of ideas, the conduct research, or creation of art? Does this impulse stem from a need to create an intellectual community outside of academia, address an underrepresented subject, articulate an intellectual curiosity, or simply nostalgia for printed books and libraries, these spaces share the common trait of presenting unique collections of research material to the public. Martha Wilson of Franklin Furnace will give an introductory presentation.

Participants include:
Wendy Yao, Ooga Booga;
Andrew Beccone, the Reanimation Library;
Robin Cameron and Jason Polan, the Assembled Picture Library;
Tiffany Malakooti and Babak Radboy, Bidoun Library.
Moderated by Renaud Proch, Independent Curators International (ICI).

Yours Mine Ours

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A Book for Considering Books by Jehn Howard

Yours Mine Ours is an online shared library. The idea is simple – you share books from your personal library in exchange for borrowing books from the collections of others. I just signed up and already I’m impressed with all the good reads available. Some examples of materials you can request: Charley magazine, The Avant Garde in Russia, and Steal this Book. The website is really well designed too!

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Short-Term Deviation

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Jesse Hlebo of Swill Children is curating a Print Series and Zine Library for the exhibition Short-Term Deviation: a Collaboration with Showpaper, which takes place at Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts September 23-October 23. The exhibition opens Thursday September 23 from 6-10pm.

General Public Library

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This just in: Mylinh Nguyen, Designer in Residence at Art in General is curating a space called General Public Library. Nguyen has been designing six ‘New Commisions’ publications for AIG during her residency. General Public Library opens on September 16th and will be in the storefront space at AIG for two months.

Here is what the AIG website says about the project:

“From September 16-November 13, 2010 the Storefront Project Space gallery will be made into a reading room, which will be accessible as an online resource as well. To start the library, Nguyen invited designers, publishers, curators, artists, galleries, and musicians to contribute publications to the project that reflect the donor’s practice, methodology, inspiration and interest. Visitors are encouraged to donate a favorite book to the library during the exhibition.

Nguyen approaches the idea of a library with a unique focus on participation and the formation of community. In contrast to a traditional reading room–which can only be accessed for the duration of the show—the online catalogue of the General Public Library allows each visitor to browse and curate their own library within an existing and continually growing catalogue, beyond the physical installation. Each donation, as it is made, will be logged into the library cataloging system. As libraries begin to form and overlap, each book becomes a link between the book donor and other participants in the library. Inversely, when viewing one book, it is possible to see the interests of other participants.

Throughout the course of the exhibition, as visitors create their own selection of favorite books, the library will filter all donations into a catalog of the top 200 most popular books. These books will be added to the General Public Library permanent collection after the duration of the project.

Contributing participants include Art Metropole,, Ooga Booga, Fillip, Printed Matter, Nieves, 2nd Cannons Publications, Capricious, Hassla, Golden Age, Medium Rare, Oslo Editions, Gottlund Verlag, Eastside Projects, Bedford Press, Stripe SF, New Jerseyy, Matt Keegan, North Drive Press, split/fountain, STUPENDOUS, The Holster, Bart de Baets, Christian Brandt, Task Newsletter, Robin Cameron, Dante Carlos, Espen Friberg and Aslak Gurholt Rønsen, David Horvitz, Zak Kyes, Kingsboro Press, Manystuff, Radim Pesko, Laurel Ptak, Peter Sutherland, Vance Wellenstein, Jessica Williams and YOU.”


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Library Projects is a blog devoted to independent and experimental libraries, bookstores, archives and reading rooms. It is a forum to discuss projects developed by artists, librarians, curators, independent scholars or other bookish types who employ the grammar of “the library” to create spaces – virtual spaces, physical spaces – where people are invited to interact with one another and with the material itself.  There are many such projects and we would like to maintain a database for them.  The blog was created and will be maintained by Kate Adler and Rachael Morrison.

The Library Projects blog grows out of the panel “Experimental Library Projects and Reading Rooms” to be presented at the New York Art Book Fair in 2010.